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The material cost related to produce a motor can be reduced, adopting the open-poles motor winding concept
1. Reduced dimensions, maintaining the same power output, allows to save overall material cost by weight.
2. Lower wire’s stress during winding allows to use a less expensive type of wire (thinner and less sophisticated insulation enamelling).
3. Wire-length optimization reduces the copper cost (magnetic field is proportional to number of turns and not to their length, all wires out of the lamination are useless for creating the magnetic field).

To support motor manufacturers approaching the production of “open poles” stators, Marsilli proposes a new motor windinf product line, the MWM (Motor Winding by Marsilli), structured on two different series.
One for single poles motor winding concept, to wind singular stator poles, to be then assembled and connected and one s for chained phases concept, to wind phase’s chains on open poles’ stack, to be afterward closed.
A. Motor Winding Machine for single poles concept
The motor poles are wound singularly, then assembled on the lamination and finally electrically connected to create the stator. Main characteristics and features
- Wire-clamping gripper to keep the wire ends in position - Special programmable device to control the crossing of the
wires - “Scrap-less” technique (no wire is wasted) - Optional wire-stripping - High flexibility - Easy product change-over, - Suitable for extremely complex winding designs (i.e.
paired coils).
B. Motor Winding Machine for chained poles concept
The motor poles (already integrating the lamination) are aligned one on side of the other on a tool, then the motor phases are wound around the poles, without cutting the wire between the poles. The poles stack is then finally closed to create the stator.
Main characteristics and features: - Interpolation winding method using linear motors. - Three programmable axes shuttle for winding layering
(Z axis) and loading/unloading operations. - Three programmable axes system for parking and cutting
devices. - Wire parking clamps on the shuttle - Moveable holding fixtures to simplify loading/unloading
operations. - Optional stator automatic closing unit.



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